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Morgantown DUI Attorney

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If you have been caught in the criminal justice system on a DUI charge, you are likely very concerned about what will happen to you. This is a serious matter, as our state lawmakers have approved sentencing guidelines for DUI convictions that impose heavy penalties on those who are convicted. You could expect to lose your legal right to drive, spend time in jail, and pay expensive fines, as well as be required to perform community service.

There are other consequences that you will be dealing with for years to come - your criminal record can be accessed by potential employers. Your insurance, once you get your license back, will be expensive for years. Many people facing a charge of DUI do not realize that they can plead "not guilty" and fight back. At J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law, we are an accomplished team of skilled trial lawyers that know how to identify the best possible defense for your case. We can help you fight back in court, or pursue a resolution for you that results in the least amount of damage to you.

Our legal team defends all types of DUI charges and takes immediate action to help you fight to avoid DUI penalties. There are many potentially successful DUI defenses, and your case should be evaluated immediately after your arrest. Some cases can be dismissed before formal charges. Don't take chances with a drunk driving charge - get a law firm you can trust to go the distance for you. We offer legal representation in multiple DUI, whether this is your second, third or fourth charge. You need to act quickly and contact our firm if this is your situation, as you could be facing extensive prison time if convicted. We can represent young people accused of underage DUI, and serve those who have been visiting the state in handling an out of state DUI. Felony charges of a DUI with injury, DUI and drugs , or other felony DUI are serious legal problems; you want to ensure you are represented by a top quality trial lawyer, and our legal team has the courtroom skills you need on your side.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Morgantown

If this is your first time DUI, you are no doubt very concerned; we offer our services to help you seek to avoid the serious consequences of a conviction. Criminal charges of leaving the scene or vehicular manslaughter require a hard-hitting DUI defense lawyer that has great insight into defending felony charges, and our trial team is prepared to evaluated your case and advise you of the strategy we could employ in your case.

We schedule and represent clients at DMV hearings, can help you with any issue involving an ignition interlock device, are skilled at reviewing breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests for errors and flaws to exploit for the defense, and can help you fight for your driver's license restoration. We also offer our services in expungements and represent individual who are facing the ramifications of a breath test refusal. We defend DUI offenses of all types throughout the communities of Westover, Kingwood, Terra Alta, Fairmont, Mannington, and Pleasant Valley, in addition to Morgantown. We urge you to contact our legal team to get information about the best strategy for your case. We have a record of success in court and are recognized throughout the courts in the area as an accomplished legal team with exceptional skills.

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