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DUI Information

We can help you fight back, in and out of court

At J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law, we offer high quality DUI defense services. Our combined experience in difficult cases, trial skills and insight into the DUI legal process can be of great benefit to you if you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. A lawyer from our firm should get involved in your case immediately after your arrest. The sooner we get involved, the more opportunities we could have to help you avoid the serious consequences of a conviction. We invite you to contact our firm without delay.

Our Areas of Practice

DUI Penalties
If you have been arrested, it is important that you know what penalties you could face. Many people choose to plead guilty and don't get a defense lawyer. They do not realize that their case may have significant flaws and could have been dismissed or an acquittal achieved in court.

DUI Defenses
There are several defenses that may be possible in your DUI charges. Every aspect of the evidence, including the testing procedures, breath testing unit, police procedure, and other factors must be fully reviewed, as early as possible after the arrest.

Multiple DUI
A prior conviction for DUI will heavily affect your sentencing should you be convicted again. A 2nd , 3 rd or 4 th DUI can mean a long stretch in prison in some cases, and can have an extremely heavy impact on every area of your life, including child custody, your employment and more.

Underage DUI
Young people make mistakes, or can be in the wrong company at the wrong time. We believe that underage individuals deserve to move forward without facing heavy consequences. We are zealous advocates for their rights, and you can be confident that everything possible will be done to assist the young person.

Out of State DUI
If you live out of state and have been charged with DUI in Morgantown, it can be a real concern about making court dates, and understanding what the repercussions will be in your home state. At J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law, we offer our services to out of state drivers who are facing charges in WV and need an attorney to manage the situation and pursue a favorable outcome.

DUI with Injury
With over 43 years fighting for our clients, our firm can assist in defending a felony DUI with injury charges. The consequences of a conviction can include an extensive period of incarceration and will heavily impact every area of your life.

DUI & Drugs
Law enforcement is interested in arresting and charging any person who is operating a vehicle under the influence of controlled substances, including legally prescribed medications. If you are accused of driving under the influence of drugs, there are many possible defenses that should be explored at once.

Felony DUI
A 3rd DUI offense is heavily punished, and will be charged as a felony, with all the repercussions of a serious crime imposed upon you in court should you be convicted. There are several types of felony DUI charges, including those in which another person was injured or killed in an accident.

First Time DUI
A first DUI offense is no small matter. A first conviction can lead to up to a maximum of 6 months in jail. Fines range as high as $500, and your license will be suspended for 6 months. There could be a court imposed requirement for alcohol assessment and mandated treatment programs, and some cases could require the installation of an ignition interlock device.

Leaving the Scene
You are required by law to stop and give aid if an accident takes place. If you do not stop after an accident you will face charges of leaving the scene (or hit & run). This is a serious felony offense with heavy penalties in a conviction - including years in prison if another person was killed in the accident.

Vehicular Manslaughter
You could face up to 10 years in prison if you are convicted of driving drunk and causing the death of another person. There can be incorrect assumptions made at the scene, and if you are accused of this felony offense, you need to ensure you have an aggressive defense lawyer with exceptional trial skills.

DMV Hearings
When you are arrested and charged with DUI, you not only have a criminal charge to deal with, you have the administrative issue involving your license that comes into play. A DMV hearing offers you the opportunity to challenge the suspension of your license. Our firm can schedule the hearing and represent you and your interests.

Ignition Interlock Device
West Virginia lawmakers have made it mandatory that an ignition interlock device is installed in any vehicle you drive if you are convicted a 2nd time for DUI. Some first time DUI convictions will have this requirement, based upon the presiding judge as well as the details of your case.

Breath & Blood Tests
Most DUI charges are related to breath or blood test evidence. Even if you are not exhibiting drunken behavior, under state law, if you register at .08 or above, you will be arrested and charged with DUI. In many cases, this evidence can be successfully challenged.

Field Sobriety Tests
When asked to perform a field sobriety test, you are not required to comply under state law. These tests are used to find more evidence of intoxication. These tests are frequently incorrectly administered, and even the most accurate of the three (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus) is only 77% accurate when administered correctly.

Driver's License Restoration
Getting your license restored is usually a big concern; trying to function in life without the ability to drive can be stressful and difficult. Our firm can assist you in driver's license restoration. There are specific insurance requirements and other matters that must be handled correctly for you to get back behind the wheel legally.

When you have an earlier conviction on your record, it can haunt you for years. When you are seeking employment and a background check is done, your arrest and conviction are easily found. When you want to clean your criminal record, the process of expungement is used.

Breath Test Refusal
If you refuse to take the breath test, you can face legal repercussions including the loss of your license for 1 year. The breath testing unit used at the side of the road should be refused; you are not required under law to submit to the "PASS" (preliminary alcohol screening system), but if you are under the limit, take the breath test at the station.

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