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Morgantown DUI & Drugs Attorney

Charged with DUI & drugs in Morgantown?

If law enforcement pulls you over and suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, they can demand that you take a blood test to identify any controlled substances that could be affecting your ability to operate a vehicle. This can occur when the officer smells marijuana in the car, or claims that they do, see any drug paraphernalia present in the vehicle, or accuse you of driving in an unsafe manner that indicates intoxication, but your breath test does not register for alcohol. The penalties for DUI with drugs are the same as if you had consumed alcohol before driving. This can include legally prescribed drugs if it is alleged that you were operating your vehicle in such a manner that you are a danger to others.

DUI & Drugs: Get a DUI lawyer that will fight for you.

If you are facing a DUI & drugs charge, it is vital that you get legal representation from a Morgantown DUI defense lawyer from our firm immediately. As trial lawyers, we know the law and the criminal justice system inside out, and know how to navigate within it for the benefit of those accused of this crime. There are a variety of possible viable defenses, and the first critical action to take is to get legal representation from our firm, J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law, before the case progresses any further.

Our attorney knows how important it is that you are successfully defended. We offer high quality, aggressive defense counsel that is personally committed to seeking out any possible advantage for you and your defense. Our ability to look into the evidence and find flaws and errors that can be exploited for the defense can be of great benefit to you in your case. The important issue is that your defense begins immediately after your arrest.

Contact a Morgantown DUI & drugs lawyer from our firm at once if you are accused of this criminal offense.

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