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Morgantown First Time DUI Attorney

Are you in trouble with the law on a DUI charge?

A first time DUI can be the first time that a person has ever been involved with the criminal justice system, and is a frightening and concerning situation. It can be difficult for those charged for the first time DUI to come to a conclusion about what to do. They may wonder, "should I plead guilty to DUI?" At J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law, we urge you to contact our Morgantown DUI attorney immediately if you are facing a first time DUI. If you plead guilty, you will simply be facing the penalties that are imposed by the court, which can vary, based upon the presiding judge and the details of your case. The penalties will include fines, jail time, a possible alcohol assessment, education and treatment program, as well as fines and the suspension of your driver's license. The judge could choose to demand that you have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicles.

Defending First Time DUI Charges in Morgantown

As the outcome of any DUI charge is uncertain, and can be very extensive, based upon the case, the BAC level, and the presiding judge, it is strongly advised that you contact our firm immediately if you are accused of drunk driving. We will carefully review the evidence and all the details surrounding your arrest. The testing methods used, the administration of field sobriety tests, the police stop and other details could have errors that could lead to a case dismissal. If you plead guilty, you do not have this option, and your case will proceed quickly through the system and you will be dealing with whatever penalties that specific judge determines that you deserve.

We know how frightening it is to be caught in the criminal justice system, and we offer our help to you to get the situation under control, and to seek out any opportunity to help you avoid penalties. We know the law, and protecting your rights is a crucial part of our activities on your behalf. If your rights were violated in the police stop, you can have confidence that we will be bringing this matter to the attention of the court. You deserve every opportunity to defend against the charges, and we are here to help you fight for every advantage possible.

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