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Charged with Leaving the Scene in Morgantown?

Morgantown DUI Lawyer

Under state law, you are required to stop and render aid should you be involved in an accident. If any person is injured in the accident, you must contact emergency services and wait at the scene until law enforcement arrives. If you fail to do so, you can be facing a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident. It is often assumed that a driver left the scene due to driving drunk; the legal problems involved in these charges are very serious, particularly if any person was seriously injured or died in the accident. If you are in the dangerous legal situation of being accused of this crime, you need to contact a Morgantown DUI lawyer from J. Bryan Edwards Attorneys at Law immediately. As trial lawyers, our legal team has the experience in court to take action on your behalf. There are many possible defense actions that could be taken to benefit you and your case, or even lead to a dismissal of charged, based upon the actual circumstances and evidence in the case.

It is necessary that our legal team evaluates the evidence against you immediately. There are cases in which an effective defense can be presented, and each case is unique. The problems that you could face in a conviction are extensive. If you are facing felony charges, you could be incarcerated for a long period of time, and face heavy fines and the ongoing repercussions of living life as a convicted felon. You have the right to an attorney under the constitution. We recommend that you get a good one that knows how to effectively defend difficult criminal charges in court.

DUI Attorney in Morgantown: Fighting Leaving the Scene Charges

Our legal team is highly committed to our clients, experienced in trial law, and offers individual defense services to those who are facing DUI related offenses, including criminal accusations of leaving the scene of an accident, or hit & run. We know how important it is to you and to your family that you have every opportunity to fight back, and we urge you to contact us immediately if you are accused of any offense, misdemeanor or felony, of leaving the scene of an accident. We know how to manage these cases, and can advise you of the strategy we will employ to help you fight to avoid conviction or harsh penalties.

Contact a Morgantown DUI defense attorney from our firm at once if you have been arrested and charged with hit & run or leaving the scene.

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